Qualitative 3d model of Woman Audreyana.
3d Model character- it is possible to use for any characters in cinema, animation.
Version of model: for subdivision
Model Formats: MAYA 2018.3, ZBRUSH 2018.1
Model Formats: MAYA 2018
Models detail (all):
Point 43162
Polys 42634
Model Formats: ZBRUSH 2018.1
Models detail (all):
Total Point 36.524 Millions
In zbrush – the model of the head and body are created by separate sabtools.
Model Rendered with Arnold Reder MtoA 3
Arnold Core 5.1
Skin algorithms Arnold Render.
The skin shader for the version of Maya 2018 – will be rendered only in Maya 2018.
For render this model use Arnold RenderView, Render Sequence for animation.
Model not RIGGED
XGen – hair has no settings for dynamics, weight, etc.

ATTENTION!!! XGen – hair is not ready for animation. Themselves will have to make additional settings dynamic and contact.
Example of Render time on computer i7-6850K CPU 3.60GHz RAM 64Gb

Textures size 8192×8182, 4096×4096, 2048×2048
Textures format – TIF, EXR, JPG
Color map, Disp map, Spectral map, Bump map, Roughness map.
MAYA 2018- models detail:
Hairs – XGen (hair is not adapted for animation. I have no knowledge in XGen animation).
eyelashes 792 polys
body 7942 polys
gums and teeth 10352polys
nails hands 640 polys
nails legs 640 polys
tear 758 poyls
tear chanel 486 poyls
eyes 7520 polys
scalp 6752 polys


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